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SimPraxis® is an interactive simulation software platform for medical training on a personal computer and now on Apple iPad (App Store link). SimPraxis training modules are designed to significantly advance the surgical knowledge, efficiency and competency of the surgical team and improve patient safety. The self-paced SimPraxis Trainers are a robust, elegant and an engaging way to learn.

The goal of each SimPraxis Trainer is to orient the user to the roles of the surgeon and assistant, learn the relevant anatomy, learn the specific steps of the procedure, understand the required port placements, become familiar with the necessary instruments, and master the key risks of that procedure.

The SimPraxis pedagogical approach divides the entire procedure into a number of discrete, logical steps. The Trainer asks the user to decide if the surgeon or assistant controls the step, choose correct instruments, select the appropriate port, Performance Assessment Detailsidentify the key anatomic structures, and indicate where the next step of the procedure should reasonably be carried out.

Another goal of this training is to identify those parts of the procedure during which the risk of injury or complications is increased. To reinforce this, users are shown these higher-risk moments in the procedure and asked to confirm the key anatomic structures of the patient. This requires dymanic anatomy identification and registration. Users also have the opportunity to review the potential errors, injuries and complications associated with each step. It is important to remember that an effective operation is one that is both safe and efficient—this is what patients expect.

Throughout, the Trainer offers prompts, hints, internal and external video from actual procedures, audio and written descriptions, and a chance to review each step, to improve performance.Critical Decision-Making in the Trainer

All actions and decisions made in each Trainer are captured for complete formative tracking and summative scoring in order to provide meaningful and accurate assessment. This helps users measure their progress and provides focus for specific areas that might benefit from additional review within the trainer, within the medical literature, and in discussion with mentors and colleagues.Surgeons, Surg Tech, CME and CE

These self-paced training modules provides a level of detailed surgical training unmatched outside of the operating room experience through the use of high-fidelity video in highly interactive simulations, which run on a personal computer or iPad.

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1Department of Urology, University of Washington
2Department of Urologic Surgery, University of Minnesota

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