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Red Llama, Inc., founded in 2002, is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Our mission is to deliver an interactive simulation software platform and multiple procedure-specific training modules that provide a cost-effective and engaging cognitive learning experience. Incorporating high-fidelity video and detailed assessment capabilities, Red Llama's sophisticated interactive simulation technology results in significantly higher student motivation, knowledge acquisition, and retention of information.

Red Llama provides the premier method for disseminating expertise on complex medical and surgical procedures through its SimPraxis® interactive simulation software platform for cognitive training.


SimPraxis is a customizable interactive simulation software training platform that uses integrated multimedia (such as video, 3D models, radiology, illustrations, and still images, all captured from live procedures) and combines them with expert cognitive training pedagogy to create a powerful simulation of the procedure. The integration of these elements creates a sense of performing physical procedures while only using standard PC hardware and mouse or iPad for just-in-time learning.

Using SimPraxis, video clips are not merely watched passively; rather, users interact directly with the video and the software, creating an emotionally engaging and realistic simulation of the procedure. Just as important, SimPraxis offers detailed tracking and assessment of each user's performance.

Red Llama Team

Steve C. Samuelson—President & CEO
David F. W. Robison, MLIS—Vice President of Operations and Product Management
Charles Ruggiero—Vice President Platform Development
Allan S. Lichtman, MD—Medical Consultant

Business Partners

3-DmedRed Conductor, LLC

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